Winter weddings – Quick tips before your special day!

06 Nov, 2017

Winter Weddings are cozy and rich. The perfect season to get married and starting a new life comes with endless amazing options to look good and make your guests feel good.

We know we don’t have much time for big ideas and themes for the winter wedding setup, but before we start events here at GREEN, we would like to give you a handful of good-easy to implement ideas that you can incorporate in your winter wedding planning.

winter weddings

Winter Weddings Setup

  • For the cold winter night wedding, the themes with bright and deep colors do wonders. Themes like, gold and pink, magenta and blue or marsala or burgundy are great.
  • Adding velvet to the décor can make the look completely royal.
  • Ice sculptures are the best for winter seasons. Because of winter, they’ll last for longer. Add some amusement to the event with various ice sculptures.
  • Use a lot of candles and fairy lights to make the dark nights bright.
  • Some printed carpets would do wonders.
  • Get a lot of heaters to make the atmosphere warm. It’ll make your guests comfortable through -out the wedding.

Food & Hospitality

  • Make counters for shawls at the entrance itself as favours to use on spot in case of cold.
  • Don’t forget to add hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate cocktails to the food menu. You can serve these hot beverages during the wedding function.
  • For dessert also, serve something warm with a feel of dessert, like chocolate lava cakes or brownie with hot chocolate or some chocolate dipped spoons with freak shakes.
  • Because it’s winter, the food should have all the appetizers including a lot of veggies and various hot soups.

Outfits & Makeup

  • Wear bold and dramatic makeup with rich fabrics cloths of darker, richer hues. Go for high necks.
  • Velvet dupatta works at its best for brides and grooms both.
  • Add a leather jacket to your mehendi/sangeet outfit for the perfect coolest winter feel


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