RFID for events

30 Oct, 2017

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification is quite a popular way to track the crowd in events. RFID is basically the data encoded in RFID tags and or any labels. This data is captured in devices that store all the information in a database.

RFID methods use radio waves to keep this track and make database. In general, RFID systems consist of three components: an RFID tag/label, an RFID reader, and an antenna. The reader then converts the radio waves to a more usable form of data. The data gets transferred to a host computer for analyzing the reports.

Usually the tags are embedded on belts, cards or the products to be carried at the time of event. And during the security check, the counting is performed.


Usually for the live shows and concerts, where we’re expecting a large group of people, the RFID is used. Like for the Nucleya concert at Green Andaaz, where we saw a crowd of 10000 music enthusiasts, there were RFID belts for the entry.

RedBull TourBus at Green Andaaz

Public events

RFID has capacity of 120 scan per minute. So, at public events, where usually people lined up for hours, RFID works as a boon. You can track/scan hundreds of people quickly for the entry.

getty images

Events with multiple zones

RFID is seamlessly easy to incorporate with the various zones created at events, like VIP zone & fans only zones or backstage area. You can provide access to different areas with the RFID which makes tracking easy for each zone.


Government events

The events, where it’s necessary to have real time insights like how many people have entered or who has entered, RFID works at the best. The organizers can use the real time data and decide the traffic for the event and put those insights into actions for managing the big crowd.

Events with tickets

Forget all the drama of purchasing the ticket or getting an e wallet. You can ask your attendees to link their payment system to RFID before the event and keep your line moving. Of course it’s better to go cashless at events.


Social media engagement

Once your audience associate their social media profiles to the RFID, there are endless possibilities to incorporate their social media details to your event. You may put up a screen and show who has entered (well, their profile picture would be visible to everyone), or you may have a hashtag, posted behalf of your visitors and plan some polls with them and what not!



So, that’s RFID, with a lot of customizations and endless opportunities for events. Have you used RFID for any of your events? Share your experience with us in comments!


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