Ice Sculptures at Weddings

07 Nov, 2017

Ice sculptures at weddings and events are not new. We’ve been seeing them around since years, but then there is something about it that makes the event very attractive.  They give quite a dreamy feel and are just perfect for the winter weddings.

Ice sculptures bring the glamour and drama with a unique feel to the events. Although it depends on what sculpture you wish to make. The Ganesha, Buddha or couple sculptures are the usual sculptures at the weddings.

But you can always be creative and get the customized designs for the particular functions like, a solitaire ring for your engagement ceremony, a drum for sangeet and maybe some mehendi cones for your mehendi. You can be creative the way you want.

Ice Sculptured Ring for an Engagement Ceremony at Green YMCA Banquet
Ice Sculptured Ring for an Engagement Ceremony at Green YMCA Banquet

Talking about the sculptures’ placement, they look great in the entry passage, or in the center of the banquet – here, we’ve done something really great! The look great at the foyers, too.  Some small ice sculptures can be placed at the family dinner tables and Sajjangoth, where you are expecting your very important guests.

Some couples go for ice sculptured backdrops and some try with the stage, too. And of course you can make an ice bar with the glasses made of ice!

Usually, your decorator would arrange the sculpture provider for you, as it’s part of your décor theme. Like for all Green Venues, Poojan Décor helps to get the ice sculptures done.

Things to keep in mind for using ice sculptures

The main thing you need to keep in mind is the weight of the sculptures and the placement. Make sure you use strong tables, platforms to display the ice sculptures. The ice sculptures do not melt easily. Thought they last for 5-8 hours. So make sure you don’t get them ordered well in advance.

That’s all form us! Tell us what shapes you would like to see for the events. Also share your ice sculptures images with us!


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