Attendee Engagement for Events

03 Nov, 2017

Your event does not get completed with planning & hosting. Engaging your attendees is also important. If they are bored at the event, your event is a total waste.

In general, the engagement means interacting with all sorts of aspects around your event. Your guests and attendees are engaged just by meeting and greeting them, but of course that’s for a while. You need to make them feel worth and that is much more than greeting.

If it’s a social gathering, you may add some entertainment factors like live music and comedy show. At wedding functions, some special activities like designing mehendi, making bangles or some games are more than just engagement and they add a fun element to the wedding.

In case of a corporate event, there are engaging elements like technology, anchors, entertainment shows etc. Let’s say you are launching a new product, you need an impressive show to interact with your new user base. For an award function, you need a good entertainment show and effective anchor.

Though for any kind of event, there are some basic engagement factors. Let’s see what they are,


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If you want people to talk about your event and never forget it, adding some fun to your event is the best way to make some room on their mind. Plan for games, raffles or prizes or anything that make people participate in. For one of the corporate events at Green, all the attendees walked on fire with all their participants with the anchor – for a personality development workshop. For an engagement, we had invited Salim Sulaiman and for a wedding reception function at Green Andaaz, they had invited Adnan Sami for live performance and it no need to say, it was a hit.


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Yes, Food! People might forget what ambiance you had at the event, but they are not going to forget the delicious dishes at the event.  Make sure that varieties of refreshments are available at your event for your attendee engagement. We personally love good food and think food should be fun. Food stations are always a hit – you can have a popcorn bar, a sweet & dessert bar, candy buffets or sushi & Indian asian food stations are good for everyone. And what about some M&Ms or some candies on each dinner tables? Aren’t they tempting?



Education – Apart from social aspects, learning and development is also important. As far as corporate events are concerned, the main agenda for everyone is to learn something new. It might be about any new product launch or a knowledge sharing session or new technologies for the industry. For the new smartphone launch by Oppo, we had invited the celebs to promote it and apart from this, there were the technology experts, who talked about the new features of the smartphone series. Many events provide a direct opportunity to interact with the industry experts. It adds punch to your corporate events.


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For the corporate events like brunch parties or award functions or annual days, employees wish to get recognized in some manner. These kind of events come with games or special awards. Awards like employee of the year or awards for various categories – like innovation, revenue generation etc are arranged for giving recolonization to the employees.

Is that all? Got anything on your mind? Tell us your motivation to go to events!


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