Yash and Jinal’s ring ceremony

When we asked the bride, she told “Some connections are meant to be forever, and I guess one of them is Yash and me.” Our bride – Jinal & Groom (Yash Modi – owner of Yash Motors Pvt Ltd) wanted to portray subtle elegance at their ring ceremony function that encapsulates their happiness without no loudness and all love.

As it was the month of May, the ring ceremony function had to be in a closed space.

And Green YMCA Banquet was the best place for this pre wedding, they could have in Ahmedabad.

They came with a wish to see something that no one ever had seen in Ahmedabad. Something so subtle to fall in love but so classy to create an everlasting memory. We got in touch with our really good friend and a well known designer from Delhi – Abhishek Arora. He did the magic and came up with a concept where the colors were not ruling the function and it was a very subtle combination of white and soothing green as theme and decided to transform the Banquet into a pompous affair with theme ranging from Turkish to Rustic to Botanic look.

For the Main Entry Passage at ring ceremony, we decided to create a Valley Of Flowers. A larger than life stage inspired on Turkish Geometry was created with a rustic look. In the banquet itself we created a 60ft long Gazebo draped with sheer composite cloth.

Adding to its beauty were strands of Lilies & Orchids from the Ceiling of the Gazebo along with well-placed lamp fibre chandeliers. For adding panache, the whole Banquet was covered with printed carpet in 25,000 sq ft area.

A very striking photo booth was crafted using large paper flowers, stain glass painting jars, painting art on glass, wine carets, and vintage gramophone.

Dining template was very interesting.

We created a special dessert lounge using all the vintage antic furniture, which was a never before seen element. Rot iron furniture was introduced for the first time in the banquet for the dessert lounge. Special Ghost Chairs were exclusively brought in, for the round tables.

Foodlink served Maxican and Italian cuisines at uniquely crafted rustic green food counters. The plate in the desert section was kept in the vintage cupboards and stands to blend those elements. Hakoba and Lace layered Linens were used for round tables. The fine arrangement made it look like straight-out-of-Cinderella setup.

And then it was the time for Cinderella and price to enter this palace. World famous flute artist – Baljindar was invited for their special entry, where the couple followed the melodious music and entered to the banquet.

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