Wedding Reception at Green Memories

In this wedding season, just like all our venues, Green Memories is also busy with wedding functions. This particular wedding reception was the first for the season, a warm up for us. And the production started 10 days in advance to make the cherry blossom trees in the entry passage. More than 50 workers were involved in making for Raju & Manasvi’s grand wedding reception including more than 3500 guests.

The brief for us was to create an ambiance that compliment the grandness of the venue itself. So we tried to provide some options that do not completely cover the venue but add some charm to the landscaping and water bodies there at Green Memories.

With tons of orchids, carnations, brassica and roses, the entrance an amazing arch with chandeliers and crush velvet backdrop curtains. The largest passage was covered with pink cherry blossom trees with beautiful floral treatments. Special designer furniture was used to make seating lounges in the passage itself. At the end of the passage, just before entering to the main lawn, a pyramid structure was set up with seating lounges and floral hangings.

The 80×24 ft stage was made up of wooden Cabanas, iron structures and arches. A flower garden in front of the stage was accompanying the stage to look grand. The whole set up had magical aroma of all these original exotic flowers used. The seating for 600 guests was planned with special lounge seating layout with leather sofa and chairs.

Just like the arches of stage, similar arches were used to make the food counters. All the food counters were arranged so well making the arches look delicious just like the food by Khodiyar caterers (Chaka Maharaj). 9 giant pink gazobos were created with sofa lounges and round table arrangements for the dinner.

We created a separate set for the artists. For a mermaid flute performance, a bright shell and pearls with the feel of seashore were arranged in two layer platform.

The bride groom entered with a cold pyro performance. We got completely over whelmed by the appreciations from a lot of guests.


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