Rapunzel’s Castle and A Colorful Modern Wedding

11 Jan, 2018

If you’re looking for a chic modern wedding, you should defiantly visit us and see what we can do for you! No, really! We’ve been planning-doing weddings since years and we’ve got one of the plans-ideas for all kinds of weddings.

So, for this special modern wedding, the brief was to give it a very modern look and different feel in each lawn. We suggested a very unique color scheme and a castle, yes a castle! The wedding was in one of the smaller lawns at Green Andaaz and the reception was also planned in one of the smaller lawns only. The requirement was to provide the largest lawn for the dining area and make the gazebo over there in the middle of the lawn.

Overall theme was forest inspired with tons of colorful flowers and roots. Two separate entrances were used for both wedding and reception functions.  We had used forest inspired truss structure treatment that had twigs and roots falling from the ceiling with wisteria flowers. Beautiful white printed carpet was used with fresh flower arrangements in differently shaped pots.

The wedding was at 4 PM afternoon. The chauri looked quite simple yet filled with exotic flowers like Cymbidium Orchids, Tiger Orchids, Song of India, Carnations, Roots, Twigs and Button Chrysanthemums with a green, peach and turquoise color scheme. Assorted wooden furniture was used around the chauri for the seating arrangement.

The next lawn had the castle – our reception stage. The stage was at the center lawn which was created for the first time keeping in mind the fairy tale of Rapunzel castle. The castle was given a 3D effect with spray paint which made it look like an actual castle with beautiful flower treatment at the right places.

The food area setup by Jay Excellency was also rhyming with the rustic jungle theme of this event. Golden peach gazebo with amazing dining arrangement and supreme hospitality was the main attraction on the lawn area. Gazebos with long tables and fresh flower runners made it very delightful.

The whole event was a hit with one of a kind theme and we were able to deliver above the client expectations.

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