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If you are into events, you must know that event planning & event executions are synonymous to stress. You rely on hundreds of vendors & suppliers for the complete execution. A transportation glitch or a weather change can turn out to be a nightmare for event planners. And you might think “Stress free events are a myth”.

We understand that 100 % organized events are not possible, but we are sure, by following some of the stress busters you can achieve at least 80 % organized events and minimum stress.

Team Work

This first step to have stress free events is to build a good team. We understand you want your event to be just perfect and you want to be involved in each and every process to make sure that everything goes well. But better you understand that you cannot manage everything on your own. You’ll be the only decision maker and you’ll slow down the work flow.  You’ll need a team to support you for managing everything smoothly and having a stress free event.

For building a good team, define the objectives for the work done and accordingly hire/surround yourself with people whom you can trust. Have clear communications and form a reporting structure leading to success.

Team GREEN discussing the event flow before an event
Team GREEN discussing the event flow before an event

At GREEN, we manage to hire the right people for the events and form teams for successful events. The event specific team makes sure to have pre-event meetings to understand overall event flow and responsibilities.

Check lists

The easiest way to make the events stress free is to manage everything very well. That’s why you need check lists. Divide your tasks into smaller tasks with timelines. You can define your routine event specific tasks and ask to the agencies/ vendors like AV team, catering team & décor team to get work parallel to your planning process.

There are many task management tools available online these days, like Trello, Easynote, Asana etc. You may incorporate any of these tools to your team and track everyone’s task. You can set reminders and get push notifications to complete your tasks on time.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Use of technology

Technology can reduce a lot of burden off your head. You can automate your followups with the bots integrated to your system. If your event includes a lot of promotions, use scheduling tools like buffer and hootsuite to schedule all your social media posts so that you do not have to rush during the events.

Assign a team member to social media monitoring throughout the event to respond all your fans in no time.

Single point contact

Being on service provider side or client side, you do not want any miscommunication anywhere, right? That’s why you need a single point contact dedicated to an event. This person should be on the venue, wherever your event is and should be easily accessible during the execution.

Take breaks

We know it becomes tiresome to manage everything at the events. It becomes exhausting at the time of concerts and live shows, because you need much more coordination. To run everything smoothly, make sure to have breaks during the event execution. Go for coffee breaks & have 10-15 mins power naps, so that you are fresh throughout the day.

stress free events 4

Stick to schedule

Taking breaks does not mean to disturb your schedule. Work the way you planned your day. Stick to your normal routine including food to manage your energy level. Even if you are travelling for your event, maintain your daily habits/workouts. Eat healthy & fresh.

Got any other tips for stress free events? Share with us in comments!


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