Pankaj Udhas Live Show at Green YMCA Lawn

How blissful it is if you get to enjoy classical Indian music instead of the rock shows and loud music! It becomes even better if you get to listen to velvety voice of Pankaj Udhas, right? We had a live show featuring Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein fame Pankaj Udhas at Green YMCA Lawn.

Pankaj Udhas, the name by itself sounds very sweet and reminds a voice that is as sweet as honey itself. The man deserves the credit for making the charm of gazals laive. When Gazals were losing their popularity, he was the one who believed it Gazals. He helped Gazals to reach the masses and created a new set of audience for the Indian classical and Gazals. And today amidst the cacophony of fast and pop music he has proved that ghazals still charm music lovers the world over & that music is not what is made out of machines but that which is made out of an artist’s soul.

His recent function at Green – an event for approx 1000 guests, was a hit show with evergreen melodies. The show included his most famous numbers along with his contemporary compositions to appeal his fans across all ages.

Chair persons & Members from YMCA Club greeted him with flowers. His carefully chosen collection of songs for this live show included both poetry & popular Hindi film chartbusters, ensuring that every kind of music lover went home happy. But the most memorable moments were probably all of those when the venue resonated with claps, set in unison by overjoyed fans who just couldn’t have enough of this treat.

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