Exhibition Planning

Events are one of our forte and we’ve been doing various exhibitions at Green venues. The exhibition varies from lifestyle exhibitions to industry expo to showroom set ups.

The exhibitions have their own importance because at the exhibitions, the exhibitors connect with their direct customer. Even in B2B, where it’s hard to meet the direct consumer/customer, exhibition provides a base to interact with the end user.

For such important event, you must have to have a proper plan and execution. That’s why we’re here with your exhibition planning guide. Below are a few steps to plan hurdle free and successful exhibitions,

IJS 2017 exhibition at Green YMCA Banquet
IJS 2017 exhibition at Green YMCA Banquet

Decide your Goal

What’s the purpose for planning an exhibition? Are you the exhibitor or the participant? According to your purpose, the exhibition plan changes. You might be looking for brand awareness, or a developing a new user base or direct selling. Accordingly your exhibition plan & execution changes. Decide a budget and expected cash flow for the event. From this, you’ll have an idea of participants you need for the exhibition.

The Location

Once you are clear with the audience you are going to cater, you’d be clear with the kind of setup you need. Accordingly, start looking for the venues. E.g. for the flea markets, like Weekend Window, where you might be planning some performances along with the exhibition stalls, you’ll need an open space. If it’s a jewelry exhibition like IJS, you would be looking for a closed space – a banquet facility may be, where the jewelry showcase can be created with highest security standards.

exhibition 3

The Participants

After deciding the location, start sending invited to your prospect participants. IF you’ve been doing the exhibition since years, you’ll have a readymade list of people who would be interested in your event.


The layout plays an important role for any exhibition. See what works for you – the usual octonorm stalls or a huge central structure with multiple small stalls or a lounge setup with customized showcase. According to your target audience, the layout differs. Some exhibitors add performances like fashion show or PR activities, too. For such activities, the layout should have a special space in the venue. Sometimes, the exhibitors require separate categories/departments for the exhibitors; such layouts are designed to give the visitors a clear idea for department category.


You need to reach to the people you wish to see at the exhibition. Start gathering content from the participants related to their products/services. Get a website running, where people can have an idea of your upcoming exhibition. Start promotions on social media, prints in magazines/newspapers or any media that works for you.


Start thinking about the themes or concepts you wish to have for the exhibition. Consider the colors & elements with high visual impact. The décor has power to change the complete look and feel of the exhibition. For The Shaadi Festival – a wedding & lifestyle exhibition, we had set different décor for all three days. For the first day, it was a mehendi set up, for the second day, it was a décor of cocktail and for the last day it was a wedding décor. It created a curiosity among the visitors and we got a good word of mouth because of the unique décor.

Staff & Support

Select the staff for the show and backend support. Determine the basic needs like storage, wipes, display items, presentations, brochures and any other required supporting materials. Get everything ready, at least on papers.


Get the graphics and printing done. Stat promoting the show. Prepare literatures related to the exhibitions to circulate among your participants. Send invitations & emailers for the exhibition.

Reservations & Shipping

Make sure of the hotel reservations and any VIP arrangements you are supposed to organize. See if the necessary shipments have arrived for the show.

Brief & setup

Brief your staff & participants for the show. Start the production for stalls according to the floor-plan/layout.

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