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An event comes with a purpose. Whether it’s a corporate brunch, a team meeting, a get together or any form of event, it always has a purpose. According to the purpose of event, the event plan changes. Of course you do not wish your guests to have the same feel for all these different events. That’s why you need an event design, dedicated to your event.

For making your corporate event a massive success and memorable, you need a plan that differentiate the event from others. And for this extremely important planning process, the client & event manager, both should be involved.  The client knows the objective of the event, he knows where the attendees are supposed to be leaded and the event manger knows how to do that. So, let’s begin event designing step by step,

Don’t worry about the budget

Meetings & event design does not cost you anything. All you need is a thoughtful talk with your event manager of how you are adding value to your brand or how your attendees are getting benefit out of your event. The budget gets involved once you start involving technology.

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Set your priorities by syncing them with your event purpose. For a traditional event manager, the event priorities are venue & logistics. But you’ll have to define your priorities that add value to the event.


Redo your event design formats

Unlike the traditional events including performance, anchors, workshops and dinner, now this is time to redo them according to your target audience’s like and persona. Consider these points for redesigning the format like – does it bring desired outcome? Does it convey the message that you want to? Are you trying to build a community or a user base? Does it make the event interactive? After thinking about these things, you’ll be able to analyze the techniques and formats to be included.

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Get into the details

See what you are communicating. Define time slots. Decide the groups to make the event interactive. Include sessions that incorporate movements, may be writing something or standing for while or any demonstration.  Go for surprises or trivia to make the attendees curious.

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Use of technology

Use technology to increase involvement. Plan for presentations, VR, Event Apps, AI, Collaborative Documents, mind mapping softwares, Voting & Poles, Surveys, Live streaming and anything that drives interest for your events.

From an event by RedBull
From an event by RedBull

Being from the event industry and served many corporate clients, we at GREEN, understand your event pupose clearly and help you to design your event that create a stron user base for you and meet your event purpose.

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