6 misconceptions about Events

The other day we attended a business community meet at one of the organizations. It was supposed to be the market watch followed by the experts’ take on some issues. Indeed it was quite a fruitful discussion for the market watch and trends. But then we didn’t realize when it became so boring and one by one people started leaving – in between the conversation with experts! Gradually it became more than boring and everyone lost interest in this “useful” meet. Being into events & venue management, we could not stop ourselves asking the organiser about his thoughts for the event planners and some better event planning places, because he could have make the meet better. Clarifying himself, the host explained to us that it was really difficult for him to search for the planners, defining a venue and organize the meeting. He was already running out of time when the meeting was planned for all these things. – A complete misconception.

Doing events since more than 20 years, we have met hundreds of people and we keep meeting them during our events at Green Venues, We’ve seen few common misconceptions about event management – many like this one, which is totally invalid. Let’s see what they are, how you can get rid of them and plan a successful event.

Event means party

No. Not at all. Just forget it. An event can be anything starting from a corporate meeting, seminar, worksop, wedding, functions to any kind of get to gether. And you can have customized treatment & facilities for all these types. We do various corporate events at GREEN, each with different agenda and different arrangements. And let us tell you there are many social events, too. Name any occassion and you can make it a successful event.

Corporate events are boring

No events can be boring, with the event entertainment and interesting things at the events. All the events are amazing if you have some extra elements to amuse your guests. It might be some anchor, or speaker or some artists/ entertainers, activities, discussions or anything else that lets your guests involve throughout your event and congratulations! Your event is successful! Sometimes, inviting celebs can also boost your event’s likings.


Events are expensive

Again a complete misconception. The expenses always depend on what you wish to do at an event. If it’s a wedding function and you are going minimal, you won’t have higher decoration charges. And the same goes with corporate events. If you’ve got a really effective speaker, you don’t need any entertainment options. So the costs go down itself.

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Difficult to plan and organize

It’s not a at all difficult to plan and organize an event – if you are at the right place. Like at Green, we have one rule for our client – handover-sit-relax. Because we know, how stressful it becomes to do everything on own. So once we get the event finalized, you can just relax. We’re here to take care of all your requirements from setup to food and hospitality. Our experts work according to your taste for all your requirements. And it’s extremly easy to plan an event at Green. For your event get in touch with us here.

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Events are not worth

Wrong. Events can be your most effective way to connect with people. Because you are getting in touch with them for real. People come to your event and spend time with you. Isn’t it the best wasy to mark an impect? Let’s tell you how important events are you and when you should invest in events.

I’ve got everything sorted

Getting everything sorted is a myth if you are planning an event. There are times when there’ll be many challenges within no time, which might affect your overall event. The crisis can be anything, issues with setup, power cut off, not enough labors, etc. That’s why you need a professional event planner and a perfect venue to reach “everything sorted” level. At Green, we have professionals and event experts on board to help you with the event planning and organizing.

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Now stay far from these misconceptions and plan amazing events with Green..

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