Interview – Chirayu Mistry – the laughter element for your corporate events

Being into events is full of fun, and why not? When you get a chance to chit chat with celebrities, especially from The Comedy Factory, the fun definition changes to non-stop laughter, right? Our corporate events and other shows give us a chance to get in touch with these brilliant comedy artists.

After our show with Manan Desai at The Ghanta Awards – a corporate event last year, we got a chance to meet Chirayu Mistry from The Comedy Factory for Diwali party at Green YMCA Banquet. The show was fantabulous and we loved Chirayu. Here is our lill chit chat with him,

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you find your way to stand up comedy?

So I come from a middle class family which made its way to upper middle class. I was a regular kid who studied in a college of Vadodara and got a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical engineering. It was never my plan to become a full time standup comedian, though I love this art since school days. I loved Humor right from my Childhood and I always wanted to do something regarding to Showbiz. I used to watch shows like Khichdi, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Laughter Challenge, etc which planted the seed of Comedy In me. Then in second year of college, I gave a chance to Standup at an open mic show in Vadodara. One thing led to another and I finally became a part of The Comedy Factory which is Gujarat’s first Comedy Group.


What do you do when you’re not doing stand up comedy?

I am a writer as well. So when I am not doing comedy, I work on various scripts  like The Comedy Factory’s Youtube Video Scripts, Movie scripts and New Standup Material. Also I watch a lot of Movies and TV series. I just love staring at my Desktop which continuously emerges creativity to me.

What can people expect when they come see you during normal days, in general? Like when you are not performing?

Well, they should not expect much from me. When I see them in normal days as I don’t expect anything from them at that time. Other than that I meet people normally. I hang out with my friends and family. And if it’s a fan or an audience member, I talk to them, try to know them and just have a casual conversation.


Tell us something about comedy factory. What is a daily routine for you guys, when you are not performing?

Currently we are a team of 8 people. That Includes Manan Desai, Vidya Desai, Ojas Rawal, Aariz Saiyed, Aakash Mehta, Deep Vaidya, Neelaksh Mathur and Me. Manan and Vidya, the founders of The Comedy Factory came with this idea of Bringing Urban Standup Comedy Scene to Gujarat in Regional language and we all saw how it has revolutionized the regional creative scene. Slowly and Gradually, we all became a part of it.

We have our individual routines.  Someone is always working with someone on something including video editing, writing for youtube, Jamming or Shooting for some new stuff. It depends on what the Job is.

Who is your comedy idol?

I don’t have an Idol because comedy came naturally to me. But I do love to watch Comedians like Zakir Khan, Varun Grover, Maheep Singh, Vipul Goyal, Karunesh Talwar and Yes, Raju Srivastav. Other than these, I love to Watch Key & Peele.


Tell us your very first funny joke/incident that became life changer.

I remember saying the first ever line I said on my very first open mic. It was “Maaru Naam che Chirayu Mistry and Aaje hu Joke kahis”. It means My name is Chirayu Mistry and today I will tell jokes. It was my first big laugh.


What other audience do you cater to? Apart from Gujjus and Indians? How do you find them different from say western country audience?

I don’t cater to any other audience other than us, Indians. The audience here is accepting this art of Standup at its own pace, as its new to our country. And we cannot compare ourselves to Western audience because they have been watching stand-up from a long time now. Even before the world saw films. Saying that, every audience can be catered to its fullest if a performers remains as Generic as possible with his Content.

Where do you see stand-up comedy in India?

The fact that me, a regional comedian giving an interview to you shows that Standup Comedy is growing in India.


What gives you rush during the show? A laughter from audience?

Yes of course. When audience completely understands what my thoughts are and what I am trying to convey, and if they find that equally funny as I do, it gives me a rush.


Who are your favorite local comics?

Anyone who does a good set of jokes.


Anything else that you would like to share with us?

Yes. I have been waiting all my life to share this with someone. I would like to Share my Instagram and Snapchat ID. That is chirayu_m. Thank You.

So, that is Chirayu! Tell us how you like him! Get in touch with him here

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